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Who could forget that time the Wolf of Wall Street met the Nut of Texas?
5 Amazing Performances by Actors Who Weren’t Acting (Part 4)

#5. Matthew McConaughey Is as Strange as His Characters
One of the stranger scenes in [The Wolf of Wall Street] (a statement we don’t make lightly) is when Leonardo DiCaprio and McConaughey sit down to lunch and McConaughey’s character reveals how utterly insane he is. … Who comes up with this shit? Well, nobody. That chest-thumping ritual is something McConaughey does on his own, in real life. DiCaprio saw him doing it on the set and, rather than slowly backing away like most people would, asked him what was up. Apparently it’s what McConaughey does to relax and get his voice ready before scenes, and DiCaprio thought it was so weird, he asked to do a take of the scene with McConaughey’s little ritual in it.

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Before Baseball games I used to thump my chest with a baseball to get ready to take grounders to the chest.
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John Legend - Ordinary People


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Oh definitely henrithad

missrowland LOL 😏😜
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i love to singa
about the moon-a and the june-a and the spring-a

henrithad whenever I see you

missrowland I love this | It made me smile
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I feel better now |
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Fun facts about your sign here

I sincerely doubt this !
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American badger - July Morning, Jackson Hole, Wyoming
After a fruitless night of hunting, a badger has discovered a fresh target: the burrow entrance of a Wyoming ground squirrel. Badgers will dig furiously to excavate underground prey and their own dens. They can quickly tunnel themselves out of sight  using powerful forelimbs and long claws. When attacked themselves—cougars and eagles will try —badgers fight back with ferocity.
This beautiful diorama is located in the Bernard Family Hall of North American Mammals. 
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